Partner to Partner

• Statistics tell us that 98% of partners are women.

The IMPACT and TRAUMA a woman feels is HUGE when in a relationship with a sex addict.

Here at REVELATION RECOVERY you will NOT be called a C0-ADDICT. Nothing you did caused your spouse to act out.

You will be respected. We will honor you, we do care about you!

We understand that you do not want to wait to know the full “disclosure” of what your spouse has done. We WILL do what needs to be done to make you feel safe.

• We understand you have been lied to!

• We understand you have PAIN!

• We understand you have Grief!

• We understand you have ANGER! And rightfully so!

• We understand you have Confusion.

• We understand your very SOUL has been wounded!

We understand you are a unique person. And we will work with you to help you reach your goals. We will give you the tools to help you heal. We will walk with you through, your pain, anger, grief and confusion. We will help you set healthy BOUNDARIES.

No matter how healthy you may be; you have been damaged in a big way.

You may be experiencing some of these symptoms.






Panic Attacks

YOU are 0% responsible for your partner acting out. We will never allow you to take any blame for the addict and their actions.