Intimacy Anorexia

by Dr. Doug Weiss Ph.D.

One or Both Spouses may have Intimacy Anorexia. This occurs 40% of the time in Partners. It can be true “Intimacy Anorexia” or REACTIVE anorexia.

30% of Male Sex Addicts have Intimacy Anorexia

40% of Female Sex Addicts have Intimacy Anorexia

Symptoms of Intimacy Anorexia:

• Withholding Love

• Withholding Praise

• Controlling by Silence or Anger

• Criticism

• Withholding Sex

• Unable or Unwilling to Discuss Feelings

• Busyness

• Blaming the Spouse for Problems in the Relationship

• Controlling or Shaming Around money Issues.

Living like ROOMMATES instead of Lovers. 

If you answer "Yes" to five (5) or more of these; you probably have IA. 


I want to add that if you are a serious gamer, you possibly have Intimacy Anorexia. Gaming is addictive and gives the gamer the same dopamine hit to the brain as any other addiction. It gives the person a high. It taps the "feel good" center of the brain. 

We have had discussions regarding gaming and sexual addiction with several colleagues and comparing what they see in their practices. There is evidence that the connection is significant.