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Sometimes shame keeps people from getting help.

Sometimes embarrassment is to great to reach out for help. 

Sometimes the fear that people will find out your secrets stops you. 

If you are feeling any of these, please don't be afraid, take the first step toward freedom! It will be the best thing you will ever do for yourself and your spouse.   

We specialize in helping you AND your partner recover from the devastating effects of pornography, chat rooms, adultery, fantasy and masturbation, group sex, etc.

Certified by American Association of Sex Addiction Therapy

Dr. Doug Weiss Ph.D. President, AASAT

47 hours of Sex Addiction Recovery and 31 hours of Partner Recovery training.

Six (6) months of Supervision under Dr. Doug Weiss Ph. D.

In addition, we have 30 hours of training in Care and Counsel of Trauma (PTSD) since 2013.