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What You Will Learn About Sex Addiction

What is Sex Addiction?

Sex Addiction is a Compulsive Behavior​ that is progressive. 

"When you cannot stop your behavior; when you're spending more time and money than you thought you would; when you've been caught or had consequences but continue anyway; when you've made promises to quit and can't fulfill those promises to yourself, God, your family, and your spouse, you most likely have an addiction" - Dr. Doug Weiss Ph.D.


"A study of over 3000 data points discovered that 60 -70% of Men; 50 -58% of Pastors; 20 -30% of Women in churches are sexually addicted" - Conquers Series

These statistics are on the rise every day with the technology to access pornography online, via phone, computer or tablet.

TV commercials  and movies are becoming more and more sexually explicit.

We believe the statistics are even higher now than when this survey was taken.

There IS HELP!! You can Overcome!! You don't have to be in this bondage any more. Let us show you the way out.

What can we offer the partner who lives with a spouse who is addicted to Pornography, cheating, chat rooms, etc.?

We want to help you heal from the devastating affects of finding out your spouse is sexually addicted. Some partners develop a form of PTSD.

We want to Care for you, Honor you and Help you reach your goals in life.

We will help you to heal and build your self esteem.  We will work together with you and provide the tools for healing your soul from the damage that has been done to you by living with an addicted spouse.

Contact us today and let us help you heal. 

There is hope! It can be done and lives can change. 

We are committed to YOU! And will see you through to HEALING! 

  • You can discover true intimacy with your partner. 
  • Your life can be better than it has ever been.
  • You will discover freedom like you have never known. 
  • Work the program and the program will work FOR you. 

Behaviors Of The Addict

  • Pornography
  • Masturbation
  • Cheating
  • Voyeurism
  • Soliciting Prostitutes
  • Chat Rooms
  • Meeting women/men  online
  • Flirting
  • Fantasizing
  • " Looking",​Ogling, Staring
  • Objectifying
  • Grooming

6 Types Of Sex ADDICT by Dr. Doug Weiss Ph.D

BIOLOGICAL :   Sexual stimuli and visual images of nudity create powerful and addictive chemical releases in the brain that are as powerful as  the addictive qualities of morphine or heroine. When person masturbates to pornography they are creating the neurological conditions necessary for addiction. Just like alcohol or other drugs, the use of pornography and masturbation can lead a person into the addiction cycle and deepen the person’s dependence on the chemical release provided by sexual stimuli and behaviors. In addition to dependence, biological sex addicts develop tolerance, and need to increase the intensity and quantity of the sexual experience to achieve the same effect. This often leads a person deeper into the addiction and to more risky and damaging behaviors that threaten key relationships, jeopardizes one’s career, and undercuts financial security.

PSYCHOLOGICAL:  Psychological sex addicts approach sex as a way of meeting core inner needs that, when unmet, produce psychological pain. This usually starts in the" Family of Origin."  Sex is a great way to temporarily eliminate pain. Sexual orgasm provides a brief, but powerful experience of mental and emotional painlessness. .  For the addict, once the sexual encounter is over, the pain returns in increased measure, along with guilt and shame, which leads directly back into the addiction cycle. The core psychological needs of the  heart cannot be met through the sex addiction.

TRAUMA: Trauma often plays a key role in the development of sex addiction. Research by Dr. Doug Weiss found that over 90% of female sex addicts stated that their first sexual encounter had a direct impact on their sexually addictive behaviors with over 60% reporting that their first sexual encounter was abuse or rape. The trauma of sexual abuse, for both men and women often plays a huge role in the addiction. Trauma studies clearly demonstrate that many trauma victims reenact, or expose themselves, to situations that are very similar to the original trauma. For sex addicts who have been victims of sexual trauma it is essential that treatment include trauma recovery work. 

SPIRITUAL: Some addicts use sex as a mechanism to satisfy the spiritual hunger of their hearts. Sex is very spiritual experience where the person is trying to connect with someone or something bigger than themselves but ultimately, the sexual encounters leave the person empty—sex was not designed to fill the spiritual needs of the human heart. For the spiritual based sex addict it is essential that the person develop a spiritual life that is build on surrender to God and within a community of other people such as a church or support group. 

MOOD DISORDER: Sex and sexual stimulation can serve as a  mood stabilizer. Some sexually addicted folks have chemical imbalances and use sex to help them regulate their mood. Over 25% of male sex addicts suffer from a mood disorder. The chemical power of sexual experience to regulate mood can support the sexual addiction process. In addition to sexual addiction treatment the mood disorder will also need to be treated and consultation with a prescribing physician will also be necessary.

INTIMACY ANOREXIA:  Sexual anorexia is on the opposite side of the sexual addictions continuum but follows the same pattern or cycle of addiction except the anorexia promotes the withdrawing from intimacy and sexual involvement.  The person spends a great deal of energy avoiding closeness and healthy sexual connection but then binges on unhealthy sexual compulsions such as pornography, paying for sex, or other types of acting out that insulates them from emotional and relational connection within a mutually loving relationship. They will be in a relationship that is more like roommates than lovers.